Experience Counts

Our team can help your project team be successful.

Getting projects and systems back on track requires planning, decision-making, and action – not lectures, theory, and slideshows. New Results offers a team of project management veterans with practical experience on what it takes to get things done.


New Results helps deliver management systems that can be used to manage – not management systems that go through the motions. We understand how to deliver effective management systems that help spot trouble before it starts, so project managers can focus on potential trouble spots before they go critical.

Expertise to meet complex challenges

The New Results team has helped world class organizations implement and improve their project management processes. We know it takes more than boilerplate process documents and canned slideshows to be successful. New Results tailors processes to your requirements, and capabilities; and focuses on what’s practical for your organization.

Managing Risk

With money tight, government agencies are shifting away from cost-plus contracts to firm-fixed price contracts. This trend shifts ever more risk away from government and onto contractors.


Now, you have to manage risk more than ever. New Results helps you manage risk through software implementation, system integration, and process improvement.

Managing complexity

Today’s systems are more complex than ever. Desktop solutions are disappearing and being replaced with distributed enterprise systems. New Results has the technical experts to help you manage that complexity.

Meeting the Challenge

At New Results, we know there is no silver bullet to meet these challenges. Our team helps you analyze existing systems and processes; and helps you plan and execute the system and process upgrades you need to compete.